This panel will look at four mega trends of change and their implications for governance. Each speaker will address one major vector of scientific and technological change and explore the aggregate/societal implications of advances in that particular field. Out of all the major areas of technological advancement this panel will focus on four: "robotics, AI and the fourth industrial revolution", "the bio revolution, longevity and demography", "energy, natural resources and sustainability" and "data, privacy and the changing nature of information". All in all, the goal of the panel will be to explore how our societies are exposed to accelerated change and the challenges this brings with it. Additionally, the panel will highlight the pressing need to build spaces of dialogue between science, innovation and public policy.

We seek contributions in these four areas from the perspective of social science (economics, sociology, political science). If you are a Spanish researcher/scientist residing in the US and want to participate with poster presentation, please send us your contribution before May 10th.